Put the message in your message!

Please consider the environment before printing
Three easy ways to get the message in your email signature; choose which you prefer.

Option 1.) Copy and paste this HTML code into your email signature

Hint: Click in the box, Ctrl+A selects all, Ctrl+C copies, and then use Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert to paste the code into your email client (or of course, you can use the mouse and right click to Copy and Paste!)

Option 2.) Add the message to your email signature manually following these instructions:

Option 3.) Download this graphic and use it instead

Some email programs will let you use a graphic file in your email signature. We realise this may be easier for some so we have provided a free graphic that does the same job (right-click, select "Save as...") that you can use if you wish. The graphic looks like this:

Please consider the environment before printing

Extra Option 4.) A really great way to support the campaign is to include a link to us in your email signature

We realise that not everyone will want to or be able to do this (Company policies, etc.) but if you can and do, you might like to use something like this:

P Please consider the environment before printing this email
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